The Window Treatment Guide: Dos and Don’ts

It’s no secret that window treatments can transform the look and feel of any room dramatically. Whether you use shutters, privacy sheers or awnings to dress up your windows, the easiest way to add character, style as well as privacy to your home, especially if you live in bright and sunny areas like Wollongong, is through window treatments.

But just like any interior design element, there are some guidelines you need to follow to achieve the right look. Interested to know what these are? We’ve compiled a few do’s and don’ts below for choosing and using treatments for your window.


  • Learn about the different types of treatments. The choices out there are huge – from classic chain drive and motorised roller blinds that add a contemporary touch, to awnings for outdoor use. While it can get confusing to learn about the various options, it actually pays to do your research and know your choices so you will have an idea on what suits your home best.
  • Understand the strengths of your window. Take a look at your window. Just like home decorations, they also come in different styles, sizes and shapes. Some of the most common types are double-hung, picture, casement, slider and bay windows. Knowing the strengths of your window, especially its location and shape, when looking for window treatment ideas will help you get the right pick.
  • Pick the right colour and material. Gone are the days when there were limited options for coverings such as blinds, shades, and plantation shutters. A range of colours and materials is available today which homeowners can choose from. Roller blinds, for instance, are available in blockout, translucent and sunscreen fabrics.


  • Skimp on quality. Many disregard quality for style, but this shouldn’t be the case. It’s important to buy a window covering that’s of high quality if you want something that stands up to the elements and constant usage, as well as provides the privacy and security you seek.
  • Be afraid to play with style. Throw away the misconception that window covering choices only come in white or other neutral shades, or that curtains are the only way to go. With the many window treatment ideas and options available today, there’s no need to stick to the usual. Instead, be as creative as possible.
  • Ignore the overall style of your home. No matter how beautiful your chosen window treatment is, if it stands out for the wrong reasons, then all would be put to waste. Hence, make sure to consider your home design when giving your windows a makeover.

Window treatments can make or break a room. Ensure a successful makeover by keeping the above tips in mind.

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