Looking for Window Coverings? Choose the Right Type of Awning for Your Home

Harsh weather in the Wollongong region can significantly affect the comfort of homes. For this reason, many homeowners are looking into various window solutions like blinds and shutters to shield their homes and families from the heat of the sun. Aside from these popular window coverings, awnings are now widely used in homes and businesses for the features they provide. Many are benefiting from their capability of reducing sunlight and glare, as well as providing protection for outdoor furniture.

Several types of awnings are now available in the market and while this is a great improvement as homeowners now have many options to choose from, it can also make the selection process a bit confusing for some. To determine which awning is most suitable for your home, take a look at some of the most widely used types listed here.


As the name implies, this type of awning is attached permanently to a building. An advantage of this type is that it is highly customisable, making it ideal for any window. No matter what size or shape of windows you have, stationary awnings would make a good fit. Aside from windows, these can also be used for balconies and entryways.


A retractable awning is still attached to the main building but is more flexible. This can be opened or closed as you please. As you open or pull back the fixture, you can control the amount of light or shade you want inside your rooms, and this can be done manually or through a motorised system.


Motorised awnings are very popular as they are suited for all kinds of windows and are very easy to use. They are electrically operated and can be controlled remotely. Some designs are even sensor-controlled, built with sun and wind sensors that allow them to automatically extend or retract as necessary.

Folding Arm

This type of awning is yet another fantastic solution for windows and outdoor space. Folding arm awnings are ideal for patios, decks, balconies and restaurants. These fixtures can seamlessly extend your outdoor living space while maintaining comfort levels. With these installed, you can be protected from the extreme heat and other outdoor elements.


Looking quite similar with plantation shutters, louvre awnings provide optimum sun protection as they deflect up to 90% of heat. These fixtures can also shield your home from the sun’s heat while providing maximum privacy. In addition, they can improve security thereby putting your mind at ease. In getting louver awnings, you can easily adjust and control the light and air flow coming into your interiors.


Canopy awnings can be fixed or retractable. They come in different styles and shapes, giving homeowners plenty of options depending on budget and personal preference. They can be installed in windows, doors and walkways and their versatility make them a wonderful option for those who prefer custom products.

Straight drop

Straight drop awnings can simply be pulled down to use, and can be spring loaded or geared. Straight drop types are perfect for roofed outdoor areas like patios, verandahs and gazebos as they can significantly improve privacy in just one pull. These types are available in a range of fabrics and colours, allowing you to choose one that best matches your home.

As the homeowner, you always have the last say in what product you want to use for your home. If you feel the need for further assistance in the selection process, do not hesitate to contact the experts to give you professional advice.

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