Home Design: Top 3 Flaws and How to Fix Them

Home Improvement projects can put anybody into a frenzy. These updates are usually done to improve the look, secure the property, and suit the owner’s changing lifestyle and tastes. However, lack of careful planning and design knowledge can lead to imperfections.

Suttle Shades has been in the industry since 1997, and we have seen quite a few home design errors that often have exceptionally simple solutions. Let’s take a look at these mistakes and find out how you can correct them.

1. Poor Air Circulation

Breathing in fresh air not only helps clear our lungs, it also aids in better thinking. The air we breathe inside our house may not be as fresh, with dust and other particles making their way into our respiratory system. With the average person spending 8-10 hours indoors, fresh air must not be devalued. Opening the windows is often the best way to boost air circulation at home. However, for security and privacy reasons, most homeowners opt not to open their windows.

By installing shutters, you don’t need to sacrifice your well-being just to feel safe. You can, in fact, have the best of both worlds. Increase your privacy and security with plantation shutters. In Wollongong especially, you can enjoy the fresh sea air without worrying about exposing your home to prying eyes.

2. Poor lighting

There are several reasons why you should get rid of heavy curtains and take advantage of natural lighting. Aside from the obvious savings on energy costs, exposure to sunlight can boost your mood and increase productivity. For sick patients, it can even foster faster healing. That’s probably the reason why hospital rooms have large windows.

Do you have rooms in your home that are poorly lit? Cut your electricity bills in half and opt for large windows. Experience the wonderful effects of natural light streaming in. You can also control sunlight and heat by installing blinds. Illawarra homes tend to get more sun because of their location, but blinds can help you adjust how much sun goes into a room.

3. Using Extra Rooms as Storage Bins

Most homeowners are guilty of using spaces they no longer need as a storage room. The game room that was meant to entertain guests is now a glorified walk-in broom closet. Extra rooms that are being used as dumping grounds for various household junk should be totally eliminated. Give away furniture you’re not using to local charities or hold a garage sale. Your junk might be someone else’s treasure.

Once you’ve removed all the unnecessary things in your spare room, convert that room into an outdoor space. Knock those walls down and set it up as a deck or patio. With a deck, you can entertain your guests outdoors or cook barbeque with your family. Adding an awning can keep you cool on your deck, while also reducing the heat inside your home.


Homeowners who prefer the DIY route often make dreadful design choices. Sometimes, it’s simply due to a lack of inspiration. We hope that this article will inspire you to explore your good taste and push you to spruce up your home by installing blinds and shutters that are not only beneficial to your budget, but to your well-being and lifestyle as well.

For more information about our versatile blinds, shutters and awnings, please don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll be happy to give you advice on improving your home with our quality products and services.

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