Design and Decorating Ideas for Your Windows

Windows are more than just mere openings that let the air and sunshine into your house; they can also be turned into your home’s stunning focal point with the right fixtures and decorations.

From installing blinds and shutters to hanging paintings, there are so many ways to dress up and add finesse to your windows. Interested to know more? Here are 5 makeover ideas you can try now.

  1. Exude a contemporary vibe with shutters

Clean, sleek and minimalist – these are the characteristics of beautiful modern or contemporary homes. If this is the vibe you want to achieve, installing shutters is a great idea. There is a wide variety of shutters you can choose from today, with wood and polyresin being the most popular types. They are suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens as they provide privacy and also offer insulation functions.

  1. Add a touch of sophistication to large windows with privacy sheers

When decorating large or sliding windows, many think about using floor-length draperies. While they can, indeed, add warmth to a room and enhance its style, they may not be the best solution since they tear and fade easily and can be hard to clean. A good alternative to this would be privacy sheers. Luminette privacy sheers, in particular, beautifully blend the luxurious look of soft curtains and the privacy of vertical blinds.

  1. Hang paintings directly in front of your window

Hanging paintings and other art pieces directly in front of your window is a great idea for those who want to conceal an unpleasant view outside. You could also commission an artist to paint directly on the glass of your windows to achieve a stained-glass look. This takes the attention away from the view while still welcoming the air and sunshine in.

  1. Add some decorative window film

If you’re tired of the plain look of your windows, you could stick decorative window film on them with your choice of design. This also has the effect of stained or frosted glass, but is much less expensive and easily replaceable.

  1. Spice it up with awnings

You can also add some love to your windows outside by using awnings. A fabric canopy awning, for instance, not only filters the light that enters your house and protects your windows from the elements, it also improves the curb appeal of your home. To add more pizzazz to your outdoors, you can choose to complement your awnings with colourful plant boxes.

These are only some of the ways to add character to your windows. But apart from style, you must also ensure that the fixtures you use to dress up your windows are of good quality.

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