4 Kinds of Energy-efficient Window Treatments for Your Home

Skyrocketing electric bills can cause a major financial headache for homeowners. With huge energy bills, means chunks of money go down the drain. But did you know there’s a simple way to cut back on energy consumption? It doesn’t require anything complicated. No. It only involves using blinds and shutters, or a few other window coverings. How can window treatments transform your home from an energy hog to an energy-efficient space? There are three ways below.

1. During winter, the right window treatments can prevent warm air from escaping. You get a nice, toasty and comfortable home without cranking up your heater.

2. When summer time comes, it can do the same thing but in opposite. Proper window treatments help your room remain cool, cutting back on air conditioning costs.

3. A smart window placement or design partnered with the perfect treatment can also fill your home with natural light, minimising energy usage.

So, how to choose the right window treatments? We’ve done the research for you. Below are different kinds of window coverings and their usefulness in reducing energy intake.

1. Blinds – Pleated, vertical, Roman, roller or Venetian blinds in Illawarra, each one assists in preventing heat from gaining too much access to your home. There are two main types homeowners can choose from: Interior blinds – attached inside the home, the opening can be controlled easily making it perfect for summer months. Users can control the amount of sunlight and heat that comes in. Exterior blinds – Placed outside, these are often made from aluminium, steel or wood. Roller types are a common form of exterior blinds. These usually don’t have slats and can only be raised or lowered. If lowered partially, it can provide shade inside the room; regulating its temperature and atmosphere.

2. Shades – Offering function, energy efficiency and style; shades are a popular choice to keep energy costs at a minimum. With a myriad of styles, you’ll have to exercise a keen eye in going for the functional types. Plain ones are great for style and simple needs. Designer shades are also aesthetically pleasing and functional, but can be pricey. Solar shades are ideal for providing energy efficiency because they block out the sun without completely obscuring the view. Dual shades are also helpful. Made up of a reflective and an absorbent side, it reflects the heat of the sun away from the window.

3. Shutters – The most expensive of these options, shutters offer advantages in a variety of ways. For one, they generate additional value to your home. Plantation shutters in Wollongong for instance, became popular in Australia during the 80s. They look beautiful and work well in controlling the amount of sunshine and air inside a home. Apart from this, shutters are also favoured since they offer an extra layer of security.

4. Awnings – South and West-facing windows benefit greatly from awnings. Placed properly, expect up to 65-75% reduction in heat, especially during summer. Synthetic awnings are water resistant and keep mildew from building up. There are also those designed with slats to allow heat circulation. Retractable awnings are available in the market as well. These are great for winter. You can pull them out of the way to let some sunshine inside a room and heat it up.

Choosing the right window treatment can have a tremendous effect in your energy usage. It’s best to identify the right type of window covering you need that offers the most advantages for your home at a reasonable cost. Need help in this department?

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